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  • Where do you deliver to?
    Check out the list of Auckland suburbs we deliver to here. If your suburb is not on the list, please reach out to the team with any questions:
  • Do I have to be home when you deliver or remove my tree?
    No. We recommend leaving a bucket with some water by your front door, for us to drop your tree into until you get home. We will notify you with a text once it has been delivered. For removal just pop your tree next to your letterbox the night before the removal date you have selected. We will collect it within 48 hours.
  • Can I choose when my tree is delivered?
    When you add delivery to your order just choose your delivery date. Your tree will be delivered between 8am and 5pm. If you will not be home, we ask that you leave a bucket of water out for us to put your free into. You will receive a text once your tree has been dropped off.
  • When will my tree be removed?
    When you add removal to your tree order you will be given a couple of dates to choose from. We will send you a reminder text and email (if we have your email address) before your tree is due to be removed. Then just pop it out the night before beside your letterbox. It will be collected within 48 hours.
  • I booked removal by my tree has not been collected. What should I do?
    If more than 48 hours has passed since your removal booking, please contact us at so we can help.
  • What happens to the trees after they’re removed?
    After they are collected the trees get mulched and recycled for garden use.
  • Can I just come down and buy a tree?
    Of course! If you prefer to collect your tree in person come down and say hi! You can find a list of our pop up sites across Auckland here, along with opening dates and times.
  • How does the October Deal - Removal Refund work?
    If you order a Christmas Tree with delivery and removal for you and a friend we will refund you the cost of removal (up to $60 value). You will need to provide us with the address, email and phone number of your friend so that we are able to contact them with reminders for their tree. An example refund looks like this: XL Tree + delivery+ removal for you L Tree + delivery + removal for your friend 10% promo code used Removal for XL tree is $35 (-$5 for combo deal) Removal for L tree is $30 (-$5 for combo deal) Total refund: $30 + $25 = $55 $55 less the 10% promo code = $49.50 total refund
  • When are the trees from?
    Our Xmas trees are cut fresh every day and delivered direct to you and to our pop up sites from the farm in Auckland.
  • How can I keep my tree looking green and fresh?
    We have a tree care guide here, to help keep your tree in the best condition. Water is the number one thing your tree will need. A Xmas tree needs up to 2L of water a day. Our solid and safe tree stands hold 5L and are suitable for all of our tree sizes. These can be added to online orders and delivered with your tree.
  • How do I know what size to pick?
    Most standard ceiling stud heights are 8 ft (2.4m) so only consider an XXL tree is you have an extra large stud height. Mini trees look great on a table, benchtop or coffee table, or even on a table. Check out Santa and his elf next to our sizes below.
  • Can I sell your trees to fundraise for my school/community group?
    Yes, we offer the opportunity for local schools, community groups and charitable organisations to fundraise by selling Xmas trees. Spaces are limited for 2022 so get touch with us today at for more information.
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