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From the farm to your door

Over the past few months, hundreds of trees on the farm have been tended with care, and pruned to grow into the lush, traditional, Christmas tree shape that we all love.

As we get closer to Christmas, we head out to the farm regularly to see how they have grown so we know how many trees we will have of each size.

Growing a tree is not an exact art. Some will grow more than others over a year, and while they can be trimmed, we end up with more or less of a certain height.

Our biggest challenge is that we can't grow more! So once they are gone, that is it until next year, which is why we recommend ordering your Christmas tree as soon as possible.

On our Christmas tree delivery days, we are at the farm before the sun even thinks about rising. We chop and trim to order, and then head out around Auckland on delivery so that the trees go from the farm to a water-filled bucket or stand in the same day.

We also drop fresh trees at our pop up sites each morning, so that people walking in receive the same fresh, quality tree.

So when we say farm fresh, we mean it!

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