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So Fresh & So Green

Our top tips for keeping your real Christmas tree looking its best:

  • Delivery: Leave a bucket of water out for us to put your tree into when it is delivered. You don't want your tree outside on a hot summer day without a drink.

  • Installation: If you can, give you tree a little trim with a hand saw before putting it in its stand, just like you would trim flowers before putting them in a vase.

  • Drink Up! Get a stand for your tree that holds water and keep it topped up. A tree can drink up to 2L a day!

  • Cool and Fresh: Think about where you place your tree in your home. Placing it in direct sunlight for most of the day can make it dry out faster.

  • Be fire safe: Keeping your tree well watered and in a cool area stops it drying out and makes it safer for tree lights or electrical tree decorations.

  • Lights: Use lights that produce low heat and ALWAYS turn tree lights off before you go to sleep or when you go out.

Searching for the perfect tree stand? Check out our range here and add one to your order.

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